Australian Citizenship Test

February 9, 2007 at 2:06 am (Uncategorized)

1. What is the cartoon at the top of the post suggesting about the citizenship test?

To me this cartoon is suggesting that the citizenship test is racist in the way that it was formed to prevent certain nationalities or people from becoming permanent australian citizens.

2. What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

I have heard many rumours about why this test was brought into action, but the most common is that those who are living in australia need to have full knowlege of what it means to be australian. This is because we Australians have pride in ourselves as a country and we wish to keep it that way.

3. What are some of the reasons given by people who are against the idea citizenship?

Some of the reasons given for people being against the idea of the citizenship is that there are concerns that races will be become more distant in the sense that Australia will no longer be a multiculturist society?

 4. Which arguments do you find more convincing? why?

I personally am against this idea for the new australian citizenship test because I believe that it is pointless, I say that if they cant speak fairly fluent English, can read and write, can answer the additional questions and have a clear record then we should have no reason to not accept them.

5. What was the White Australia Policy?

The white Australia policy was a plan organised in the 1800’s, made to create a colour free country by only allowing white people to immigrate to australia.

6.A What do you think the writer of this piece thinks of the test?

The writer does not like the test at all, he believes in equality and fairness.

6.B What is the purpose of the piece?

The writers purpose of this piece is to make his point clear that the test is a problem wich needs to be fixed.

6.C What is the writers tone?

The writers tone is very outspoken and clear, maybe slightly agressive.

6.D What are some of the words the writer has chosen to describe some of the people he disagrees with?

The writer has eplained these people as yammerers and loudmouths.

6.E What effect does using words such as these have on the readers perception of these people?

These words determine the readers thoughts of those who dissagree with the writer because they basically attack the opposing people in a way that makes them look like the bad guys in the scenario, wich they are 😛

6.F The article criticises people who overreact to cultural issues – people that worry that people form different backgrounds cannot comfortably co-excist – but is the wirter guilty of stirring up such feeling himself?

6.G When he describes muslim areas, what are some of the words he uses?


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Hey, my name is …, im in year 11 at croydon secondary college and this will be my blog for 2007. My entries will consist mainly of the work I complete in english throughout the year…. fun ey… 😛

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